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Cabramatta Mouth Guards – Just One Way to Treat Teeth Grinding

If you’re seeking Cabramatta mouth guards then you’re probably already aware that you suffer from bruxism or teeth grinding. When teeth grinding occurs on a regular basis your teeth can become damaged and other problems may also occur.


What is teeth grinding exactly?

Teeth grinding is the involuntary action of clenching and grinding your teeth together with a strong motion. It often happens at night, but can also occur during the day too.

Grinding the teeth causes damage to the teeth enamel, which is why many dentists recommend that a teeth grinding mouth guard is worn at night. In some cases, chronic teeth grinding can result in cracking, loosening and even loss of teeth.

Not only can teeth grinding damage your teeth, but it can also affect your jaws, resulting in loss of hearing, cause or make worse TMD/TMJ, and even alter the shape of your face.

What are the symptoms of teeth grinding

Signs that you grind your teeth include:

● A grinding noise while you’re asleep
● Teeth which ache when you wake up
● Headache, jaw joint pain, or ear pain
● Stiffness or achiness of the face and temples when you wake up
● Aching or stiffness in the jaws when you chew your food
● Cracked or chipped tooth enamel

What causes teeth grinding?

Nobody knows the exact cause of teeth grinding, although it’s thought that

● Anxiety
● Misaligned teeth
● Personality traits
● Caffeine, alcohol, smoking and certain drugs
● Narrow airways breathing and sinus problems

may all be reasons for bruxism.

Treatment for teeth grinding in Cabramatta

If you think that you may grind your teeth, then come and talk to our friendly experienced dentists at LV Dental. We’ll take a look at your teeth and discuss various treatment options which may help. These include:

● Orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth and correct your bite
● Customised mouthguards which are worn on the top arch at night so that they take the brunt of your teeth grinding actions. While these won’t stop your teeth grinding, they successfully prevent damage to your teeth
● Injectable fillers– Small amounts of filler are injected into the large muscle which moves your jaw (the masseter), will relax and weaken it. This stops the involuntary actions of clenching the jaw and grinding your teeth and can also reduce or eliminate headaches and damage to the TMJ.


Managing bruxism

Finally, relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation, talk therapy, and exercise can help you manage the cause of your teeth grinding. You may also benefit from jaw and muscle exercises.
If you’re concerned about teeth grinding or are in need of customised mouthguards, then come and talk to the friendly knowledgeable dental team here at LV Dental in Cabramatta, Sydney, 2166. Don’t let teeth grinding ruin your teeth. Call us direct on (02) 9724 2173 or book an appointment online. We look forward to meeting you.