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Need A Root Canal in Cabramatta?

When a tooth is damaged by decay, disease, or trauma, one way to save it would be by undergoing a root canal. Cabramatta patients might think that the process has a bad reputation and carries a lot of stigma. However, when they are in experienced hands, the reality is that root canal therapy can be carried out with minimal discomfort. At LV Dental we provide the latest and most effective root canal treatment in Cabramatta and will work with you to address any concerns you may have.


What is root canal therapy and how does it work?

Root canal therapy, otherwise known as endodontic treatment, is required when the living tissue inside the tooth – known as the pulp – becomes infected or inflamed. This is usually caused by disease, decay, or trauma to the tooth itself. Symptoms can range from slight sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures through to painful toothache. In other cases, the tissue around the tooth may become infected and swollen, often resulting in a tooth abscess.
In order for the tooth to be saved, treatment or care involves the removal of any infected or inflamed pulp tissue, then sealing the root canals in order to prevent further infection. By carrying out endodontic treatment it allows the natural tooth to be retained in both form and function and means that an artificial replacement such as a dental implant or dental bridge isn’t required.

Typically, with the right conditions, a restored tooth can last for many years. However, given the degree of the problem and the location of the infected tooth, our dentists may decide to strengthen and protect the tooth by fitting it with a dental crown. This will be discussed with our Cabramatta patients prior to any treatment.

Endodontics in Cabramatta – The process explained

Step 1
After taking a series of X-rays to discover the extent of the pulp damage our LV Dental dentist will administer a local anaesthetic. A rubber sheet known as a dam is then placed around the tooth to prevent any moisture from entering the area. Access is then gained via a small hole which is made in the crown of the tooth. The infected pulp is then carefully and skilfully removed and the inner tooth is thoroughly cleaned to ensure that no infection remains. Finally, a temporary crown is placed on the tooth for protection. This completes the first stage of the root canal therapy process.
Step 2
During the next stage of the treatment, usually several days later, the narrow root canals within the tooth structure that contained the infected pulp are carefully enlarged so that they can be backfilled. Depending upon the extent of the damage, this part of the treatment may be done in one or more visits. Each time the tooth will be disinfected and temporarily filled to prevent further infection. While a front incisor may contain a single root canal, other teeth like premolars may consist of two to three roots containing one or more root canals, so root canal therapy in Cabramatta can take longer in some cases than in others.
Step 3
During your final visit, any temporary filling is removed, and the permanent filling is inserted. This seals the tooth once and for all and prevents any infection. Finally, a crown or cap may be placed on top to add further protection.
At LV Dental we assure our Cabramatta patients that all our root canal treatments are performed using advanced techniques and quality materials. In fact, despite the ominous nature that a root canal portrays, the reality is that with the modern focus on gentle dentistry, patients shouldn’t feel any different than when undergoing a regular dental filling.

If you need a root canal, Cabramatta patients should consider calling our experienced team at LV Dental. Contact us today on (02) 9724 2173 or book online for a consultation.