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Jaw Treatment Cabramatta – How Orthodontics and Orthopaedics Work Side by Side

If your child’s teeth are misaligned or they have an overbite, they can cause pain when chewing and in some cases can lead to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. As such patients may need orthopaedic jaw treatment. Cabramatta dentist, Dr Vo, explains.

Most parents think of orthodontic treatments such as kids braces, as a solution to straighten their child’s misaligned teeth or correct an overbite. However, you may be surprised to learn that often, it’s the jaw itself which is incorrectly aligned, and this could be causing your child’s misaligned bite.

In cases such as these, we turn to orthopaedics as a means of realigning and straightening the jaw. This pre-treatment, as we call it, can reduce the need to extract otherwise healthy teeth and also lowers the risk of jaw surgery in Cabramatta.


How does orthopaedics correct jaw alignment in Cabramatta work?

Here at LV Dental Clinic in NSW we intervene early in children’s development to improve discrepancies in their jaws. Depending on their jaw abnormalities, we can use a variety of orthopaedic devices such as expanders, headgear, removable dental plates, and Myofunctional appliances, to widen the upper jaw, correct cross bites and fix underbites. Orthopaedic treatment may take place before conventional braces but often the two treatments are used at the same time, so effectively your child is receiving orthodontics and Cabramatta orthopaedics.

Benefits of early jaw treatment in Cabramatta

The Australian Association of Orthodontics recommends that children receive their first orthodontic consultation between the age of 7 or 8 as their bones are still developing and will respond to early treatment.

The sooner your child gets their first consultation, the earlier we can diagnose and address any potential dental problems.

Children benefit from receiving orthopaedic and orthodontic treatment when they’re young in many ways:
  • Correcting your child’s misaligned bite will improve their appearance, enable them to eat more easily with less pain, and improve their oral health
  • Analysing your child’s mouth when they’re young will show us whether their mouth will have sufficient space for all of their adult teeth when they’re older
  • Early detection of any dental problems can help us ensure your child’s bite is healthy and strong
  • Early consultation helps because it means we can prevent potential problems in the future, such as needing tooth extraction due to a crowded mouth

Other secondary benefits gained from early orthopaedic/orthodontic treatment include:

  • Teeth that are easier to clean when straight
  • Straight teeth are less likely to get chipped or damaged, so they look more attractive and last longer
  • There’s less risk of developing gum disease and cavities
  • When an underbite or overbite is improved, it reduces the adverse effects on eating and communication
  • Straight teeth boost confidence

Book an orthodontic consultation at our Cabramatta clinic

The first step for jaw treatment in Cabramatta is to book a consultation with our experienced dentist where we can discuss your child’s best dental options. We’ll also explain the process of examination, preparation, fitting and maintenance of the relevant orthopaedic devices. X-rays, dental moulds and other examinations are also likely to needed at this stage.

A second consultation will also be required at our clinic where we can discuss your child’s dental treatment in more detail pertaining to the recommended orthopaedic device, as well as the duration and cost of the treatment.

If you’re concerned about your child’s teeth or jaw pain, then please contact our friendly Sydney dentists at LV Dental Clinic in Cabramatta 2166. Call us today on (02) 9724 2173 or book online to schedule a consultation for your child.