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If you would like a whiter, brighter smile that can be achieved in your lunch break, Philips Zoom whitening could be the answer you’re looking for. It’s no secret that our teeth are a bit of a give-away when it comes to age. After all, discoloured teeth are a normal sign of the ageing process. With Philips’ advanced whitening system, whiter teeth are quick and easy to achieve and maintain. Let’s take a closer look at how this works.


Why Do Teeth Discolour?

When we are younger our dentin is white, but starts to turn yellow as we age. In addition, the enamel covering our teeth also becomes thinner, making the dentin more visible. Yellow dentin or stains under the enamel are called intrinsic stains.

Patients who smoke tobacco products, and regular drinkers of tea, coffee and red wine may find their teeth discolour more rapidly or more noticeably as they get older. Genetics, medications and the environment that you live in can also play a role in how quickly your teeth become discoloured. External stains can make internal stains look more noticeable. 


What’s The Answer To Tooth Discolouration?

Twice-daily brushing and flossing, and regular visits to your dentist for professional cleaning will keep your teeth clean.

But these dental hygiene efforts cannot reach the dentin inside your teeth.

To do that, you need a specialised whitening treatment like Philips Zoom, in order to penetrate the tooth enamel and lift the stained molecules.


Why We Use Philips Zoom


It is effective

Philips Zoom professional whitening products allow our patients to whiten their teeth by up to eight shades.

It is quick

Philips Zoom gets to work on tooth enamel and dentin in just 45 minutes. This makes it a practical way for patients to achieve a whiter, brighter smile.


It’s versatile

Philips Zoom gives patients the option of in-chair and take-home whitening products. For patients who want a whiter smile in a short period of time, our in-chair treatments provide the fastest results. 

Patients who are willing to wait a bit longer and prefer to do the treatment themselves, can make use of Philips’ take-home whitening kits.


How Does The Teeth Whitening Process Work?

It is important to begin any teeth whitening process off with a professional check up and cleaning. During the check-up your dental professional will assess the condition of your teeth and gums, and make sure your tooth enamel is strong enough to cope with the bleaching agent.

Your dentist will also give your teeth a professional clean, removing any traces of plaque or tartar that could interfere with your ability to get a brighter, whiter smile.

During this consultation your dentist will also give you guidance on the best Philips Zoom products to use to achieve your whitening goals.  Your dentist will consider factors such as your lifestyle, budget and desired whitening results.

The bleaching agent that is applied to the teeth breaks up so that it can penetrate the tooth enamel. ACP in Philips Zoom products protect and remineralise your teeth while this is happening.

Once your treatment time is over your dentist will apply a special gel that has been designed to manage tooth sensitivity after whitening.


In-chair whitening

If you have your whitening treatment in your dentist’s chair he will first cover your gums and soft tissues to protect them from the bleaching gel. Then the Zoom whitening gel is applied to the surface of your teeth. 

Your dentist will use the blue light to activate the hydrogen peroxide inside the bleaching agent. The blue laser speeds up the whitening process, while the gel is left on your teeth for a total of 15 minutes. Your dentist will follow this sequence of events three times, before wiping the gel off to reveal a brighter, whiter smile.


Take-home teeth whitening

If you prefer to whiten your own teeth, your dentist will give you a set of whitening trays and bleaching agent. It is important that you follow your dentist’s instructions and do not leave the whitening gel on for longer than recommended.


How Long Does Philips Zoom Whitening Last?

How long your newly whitened smile will last depends very much on what you expose your mouth to following the treatment. If you continue to smoke, drink lots of coffee or red wine, your teeth will stain faster than if you abstain from those things.

On average patients can expect their whitened smiles to last for between 12 and 24 months with good dental hygiene. We recommend you discuss this with your dentist prior to whitening. Your dentist can make recommendations for top ups, to help you maintain whiter teeth for longer.  

Do you still have questions about Philips Zoom whitening and how it can benefit your smile? We’d love to answer any questions you might have. Please contact us to speak to a professional: (02) 9158 6373.