For people looking for a straighter smile, the idea of wearing braces can be unappealing. Luckily, Invisalign braces are a discreet alternative to traditional braces that can correct many orthodontic issues.


What are Invisalign Braces?

Invisalign braces are a nearly invisible orthodontic alternative to traditional metal or ceramic braces. The system consists of a series of clear plastic trays that are changed regularly to exert gentle force on the teeth to realign them. 


Why Choose Invisalign?

The main reason many people choose Invisalign braces is that they are less noticeable. But there are many other reasons why you might consider choosing Invisalign versus traditional braces. 


Research suggests that Invisalign aligner trays are just as effective as traditional metal braces for correcting simple alignment issues. The Invisalign system only needs to be worn between 20-22 hours per day to be effective. This means that you can remove them when you eat or when you brush and floss.


How Does Invisalign Work?

The Invisalign aligners work in a similar way to traditional braces in that they exert force on your teeth. Each tray is created in a series, so each time you change aligners they gradually shift your teeth, so they are progressively straighter with each new tray. You only need to change your trays every two weeks, so you will have to learn how to clean Invisalign keep them clean and odour free. 


How to Clean Invisalign Braces

To ensure that your Invisalign aligners are effective and comfortable you need to know how to clean Invisalign braces. 

Before putting in your Invisalign aligners, always wash your hands with soap and water and rinse the Invisalign trays to minimise contamination. 

Always remove your Invisalign trays when eating or drinking anything other than water, because they can get damaged or become stained from pigmented foods and beverages like cola. Try and brush them every time you take them out, but if this is not possible you can rinse the Invisalign trays under warm running water and store them in your storage case until you have finished eating. 

To clean your Invisalign trays, you can use Invisalign cleaning crystals. Simply, fill a clean bowl with water and dissolve one packet of Invisalign crystals. Do not use hot water, as this can warp the plastic trays. 

Submerge the aligners and leave them to soak for 15 minutes. The crystals remove plaque and tartar and kill bacteria

Remove the trays and gently brush the inside and outside of your Invisalign trays with a soft bristled toothbrush. A baby toothbrush works well as the head is smaller and softer than a standard toothbrush and can access the crevices of the tray more effectively. Rinse the Invisalign aligners thoroughly.

If you do not want to use Invisalign crystals, there are alternative ways to clean your Invisalign trays.

Dissolve one tablespoon of baking soda in warm water and soak the trays for an hour. Brush away baking soda residue and rinse thoroughly. 

You can also use vinegar diluted with three parts water and soak your trays for 20-30 minutes. Then rinse, and they are ready to go.

A good oral hygiene routine is also essential to keeping your Invisalign trays in optimal condition. Fortunately, because Invisalign trays are removable, oral hygiene is easy, and you will not need to modify your brushing and flossing technique as with traditional braces. If you clean your Invisalign trays at the same time as you brush your teeth, this will stop them from reintroducing harmful bacteria into your mouth and damaging your teeth and gums. 

Brushing your trays with a soft bristled toothbrush, water, and antibacterial soap is also an excellent way to remove harmful bacteria, but use clear soap as coloured soap can stain the trays. Do not clean them with mouthwash since they can become tinted, and do not brush them with toothpaste because it is abrasive and can scratch the aligners.   


Final Thoughts

Invisalign aligner trays are the ideal discreet orthodontic solution to correct your smile. If you are interested in Invisalign and want to know more about the treatment, or have questions on how to clean Invisalign, call LV Dental on (02) 9158 6373.