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At LV Dental, we combine new dental implant technology with verified and true methods that have been ruling international dentistry for the past few decades. Our experienced team works carefully with the world’s best tooth implant providers, including Dio, Staumann, and Minimax Dentium, to provide high quality care for our patients. Our principal dentist, Dr Linda Vo, has embedded hundreds of implants and can help you determine which brand would complement your smile best.

When are dental implants necessary?

Dental implants are necessary when your tooth has become decayed to a state beyond restoration. Generally, this happens after harmful bacteria have eaten away at your enamel and burrowed themselves in the soft, sensitive pulp in the middle of your tooth. The pulp houses all the connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerve endings. When this area becomes infected, the tooth ultimately dies and cannot be saved. It must be extracted and replaced.

Following your dental implant surgery, the missing gap will not only be filled, but you will also benefit from a huge boost in confidence, a resurgence in jaw structure and power as well as a restoration of bite functionality.

Why does LV Dental support Minimax?

An all-around dental tool provider

Minimax manufactures some of the most well-known dental implants in the world. However, their expertise doesn’t end there. Minimax is continuously researching new technologies to put them on the market for dental clinics around the world.

Minimax helps to keep the LV Dental family up to date about new developments before they even break onto the market. These updates allow us to offer our patients the most modern technologically driven procedures with lower levels of discomfort or pain.

High quality materials

Minimax implants, are made from high-grade materials like titanium, found in the implant’s screw, that help ensure the longevity of your Minimax implant as well as its functionality.

By using Minimax implants and other tools, the LV Dental team are always confident about their work. And, a confident team means a great result for all our patients.

On-going education for approved clinics like ours

Since Minimax believes in incorporating the latest dental implant technology in all of their products, they host on-going education seminars for all clinics and hospitals that offer their products.

These seminars educate dental professionals about new developments in dentistry and how they affect future Minimax implants. But it gets even better. Minimax seminars are not just theory based; they allow dentists around the country hands-on experience to solidify their comfort levels with Minimax implants before their first patient comes in for a visit.

As an LV Dental patient, you can be sure that your dentist is up to date and skilled in the newest dental technologies, thanks to Minimax.

Emergency service

If you are in dire need of a dental implant procedure, we can get you in the operating room within an hour. As a Minimax clinic, we can use an urgent express service to order and receive all of the tools or materials we may need all within an hour.

Mentoring system

To give our patients the highest degree of security and comfort when it comes to their Minimax implants, we take part in the Minimax mentoring programme. This programme offers all qualifying clinics personal guides and advice for all patient cases. So, our patients can be sure that with the combined expertise of Minimax and Dr Vo the result of their dental implants procedure will perfectly fit your mouth and needs.

No matter the complexity of your case or current oral health, the LV Dental team is sure that we can find a viable option for your dental implants. Also keep in mind that as long as you maintain your semi-annual check-ups and cleaning appointments, your dental implants will be under warranty for five years. But you probably won’t experience any negative issues with your Minimax dental implant as they currently have a five-year success rate of over 97%, according to a 2011 study.

If you believe you could benefit from Minimax dental implants and would like more information, contact our Cabramatta office on (02) 9158 6373. Alternatively, you can book your initial consultation directly online.