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At LV Dental , gone are the days you fear getting a professional clean done due to discomfort and sensitivity. 

The EMS airflow uses revolutionary technology to gently, effectively and safely remove harmful bacteria in your mouth without an instrument even touching your teeth. It uses a gentle stream of warmed water, fine antibacterial powder and air to gently polish and clean your teeth.

The gentle pressure is like getting a spa treatment for your teeth.  If you have receding gums or sensitive teeth, the water that we use is warm, to prevent that sensitivity you get from a blast of cold water and air, 

How does the EMS Airflow Dental Spa experience work?

  1. Assess: First our experienced LV dentists will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to assess them for dental problems.
  2. Disclose: Then the biofilm on your teeth and gums will be disclosed so that it is easily visible.
  3. Motivate: We will then discuss your individual biofilm results and give you tips and support on how to keep your teeth as clean as possible.
  4. Clean teeth with the EMS Airflow: We will use the EMS Airflow to remove biofilm, staining and early tartar build-up. It polishes and cleans at the same time gently and efficiently.
  5. Further cleaning: If there is still further tartar build-up, we will use a specialised cleaning tip to further remove any of it.
  6. Check: We will check for any remaining biofilm or tartar buildup.
  7. Recall: A future appointment will be scheduled according to the patient’s individual needs.

So why choose to get a clean with EMS dental spa experience? 

  1. There is less discomfort and less sensitivity to the teeth and gums 
  2. Teeth cleaning is more efficient 
  3. Guided Biofilm Therapy: Biofilm is bad bacteria that sticks to our teeth. If this is not removed regularly, it can cause dental problems such as tooth decay, gingivitis, gum disease, tooth loss and dental implant loss. Biofilm can also contribute to systemic diseases such as Alzheimer’s,  heart disease, diabetes and respiratory disorders. Guided Biofilm Therapy is a series of steps that involve assessing, disclosing, motivating and finally use of the EMS Airflow to remove biofilm. Source:
  4. It has been proven an effective way to maintain health of the gums around dental implants .
  5. It is an effective and efficient way to clean around braces, preventing tooth decay or gum problems during your treatment.
  6. Your teeth are cleaned and polished at the same time, saving you time.
  7. It is safe to use on children 
  8. It can be used to clean the tongue especially those with tobacco stains 

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